Sponsorship Billboard

Length: 15 seconds

The billboard is part of a television program sponsorship and is used to associate the sponsor with the broadcast, without commercial claim.

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  • Promotion of the advertiser’s product or service
  • Reference to the associated content while incorporating the name of the sponsor, Example: (program) is brought to you by (advertiser)
Super / Visual
  • With the advertiser’s brand image and colours
  • Visual of packaging allowed
  • Advertiser’s logo
  • Advertiser's website URL
  • No commercial offer or "call to action"
  • Only available to program sponsors
  • If produced by the advertiser: Visual concept/script must be approved by Télé-Québec before airing
  • If produced by Télé-Québec, elements required: Creative brief, all visual materials for editing and/or animation, logo, photos, typography, icons, advertiser branding elements required for animation.

Some examples