Feast your eyes on our Winter lineup!

C’est humain –  Starting January

En ligne – Starting January

With expert guests, host Marie Soleil explores the mysteries of the human being. Everything you need to know as a digital citizen.


à boire et à manger – Fall 2022

La vigne est belle – Spring 2022

Discover the delicious diversity of Quebec’s regional products. Discovering Quebec vineyards, winemakers and their secrets.



La fin des faibles – 2nd season – March 2022

MAMMOUTH – Giving Young People a Say! For the love of rap and the French language. Eight episodes, five showdowns.


Le pacte – March 2022


Three youngsters, three secrets, one pact! In the end, aren’t all couples more or less the same?


Les rendez-vous culturels

Je ne suis pas un robot

Quebec’s performing arts, accessible to all. Investigation into viral videos