C’est humain

Discover the human nature.

Marie-Soleil Dion has fun unraveling the mysteries of the human being.

How do you know if someone is screaming in fear or in joy?

Why are we convinced that everyone thinks like us?

The new family magazine C’est Humain aims to unravel the mysteries of the human being by carrying out amazing experiences with a guest personality invited to each program. Marie-Soleil Dion and her collaborators will try to understand human behavior, from the most serious to the most bizarre, by relying on sciences such as biology, psychology, anthropology and even history. Two main collaborators, Manal Drissi and Meeker Guerrier, also join her to conduct experiments directly with the public in the field.

Monday to Thursday, 6:30pm to 7pm

NNouvelle saisonJanuary 3 - February 13, 2022

Marie-Soleil Dion

Trio Orange